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About me

Molly Delaney is an Irish artist born in Germany and currently resides in san francisco, California. Choosing to study psychology rather than attending art school, molly subsequently worked in healthcare for over a decade with a focus on children's developmental disorders and mental health. this professional background, and having personally dealt with OCD and anxiety her entire adult life, provides molly with a unique viewpoint with which to address these issues through her art. drawing from this background has led molly to work on wellness-based creative campaigns with a number of non-profit organizations.

Like many, the onset of the pandemic prompted molly to reassess her life, resign from her job in healthcare and move to her birthplace of Berlin, Germany, in order to dedicate herself full-time to her art. During this time, molly traveled throughout Europe and the us, relocating to san francisco. She looks forward to growing roots in a new environment and drawing from the vibrant life around her.

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